About the Artist:

      People comonly use the word truth in two distinct ways. First we use it to describe what is true about the world around us. Second we can talk about what is true for me as a person or what is true about me in a subjective manner. This seems to be an accurate way of talking about art as well. Many artist seek to accurately re-create the world in a way that expresses something deeply true about the way the world is. In my art I am striving to express something deeply true about the way I am as a person.


      I have a passion for getting past the surface level to the deep and intimate heart or core of what someone is about on a deep emotional level.  I strive to create art in a way that allows me to discover what is true about myself at a core emotional level. And maybe what is true about us as humans. It seems to me that the better we understand the world around us, the more equipped we are to deal with it. It is my hope that the better we understand ourselves as people, the more well equipped we will be to deal with ourselves and the people around us.


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Take it all Away